Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pictures from Space: the Final Photos from Washburn’s Expedition Camera

Pictures from Space: the Final Photos from Washburn’s Expedition Camera
A Presentation by Astronaut John Grunsfeld, “The Hubble Repairman”

September 30, 2009
American Mountaineering Center
710 10th Street, Golden, CO

VIP Reception:
$35 for AAC members and
Friends of the Library/Museum
$50 for non-members
Includes admission to the presentation, appetizers and drinks
RSVP by September 25 to Dana Richardson
303-384-0110 x10

Sign up here.

$5 for AAC members/$10 for non-members
Seating is first-come, first served

In Ansel Adam’s preface to Mount McKinley: the Conquest of Denali, the great photographer wrote, “Without exaggeration, I fully expect to hear someday that Brad has visited the moon, climbed Copernicus, and photographed the lunar Apennines from a private, orbiting module.”

While Bradford Washburn didn’t make it to space, we’re happy to say that his expedition camera did. Last May, as a crew of NASA astronauts completed the final repairs and enhancements to the Hubble, astronaut John Grunsfeld brought along a much smaller, older camera. Grunsfeld, an avid climber, snapped the final photos that will ever be taken with the late-Washburn’s famous expedition camera, a 1929 Zeiss Maximar B 4x5.

On September 30, Grunsfeld will return the camera to the American Alpine Club, to be displayed in the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum. He will also talk about the mission and present the photographs he took from space, which will be displayed alongside a collection of Washburn’s personal favorites. We suspect that Earth’s mountains will look smaller in the photos from space, but no less spectacular. Come see for yourself!

A limited number of autographed prints are expected to be available, free of charge.

Background information: Washburn was one of the leading American mountaineers in the 1920s through the 1950s, putting up first ascents and new routes on many major Alaskan peaks (often with his wife, Barbara, who attended the shuttle launch). Washburn pioneered the use of aerial photography in the analysis of mountains and in planning mountaineering expeditions. His thousands of striking black-and-white photos, mostly of Alaskan peaks and glaciers, are known for their wealth of informative detail and their artistry. Washburn was responsible for some of the finest maps ever made of mountain regions; his maps of Denali and Mount Everest are perhaps the most notable. He founded and served as Honorary Director of the Boston Museum of Science.

In 2008 the Colorado-based Mountaineering Museum named in his honor opened to the public. The historic building that houses the museum is also home to the American Alpine Club’s library, where Washburn’s signed personal collection of over 150 of his favorite photographs reside on permanent loan. Through November, a select number are displayed in the museum.

Washburn was a long-time member of the American Alpine Club, and so too is Grunsfeld. When the astronaut asked the AAC about bringing something special belonging to the club into space, a staff member, Jason Manke, suggested Washburn’s camera. Executive Director, Phil Powers (who in 1988 made the first ascent Denali’s Washburn Face), thought it to be a fitting recommendation. After all, In 1951 Washburn made the first ascent of Denali’s West Buttress. 53 years later, Grunsfeld reached the summit with a small team of NASA climbers. Taking Washburn’s camera into space for its final shots was an opportunity for Grunsfeld to honor the man whose photos greatly inspired him, guiding his way to the summit of North America’s highest mountain, and beyond. During a pre-mission NPR interview Grunsfeld said, “Brad lived just a tremendous life. He is one of my heroes and during the 1920s did just a fantastic number of tremendous climbs all over. As part of that he started pioneering the use of cameras from airplanes. I definitely plan to take some pictures of Hubble with the Zeiss camera but also of mountains which I know Brad would appreciate.”

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Summit Registers

Have you been on a peak that needs a new canister or summit register? 14erWorld has a forum where you can put the information. You can also see if the peak you are summiting needs a new canister or register. Canisters and registers can be obtained from the Colorado Mountain Club Office in Golden. Old registers should be returned to the CMC office.

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Completed all of the 14ers?

Completed all of the 14ers? The list is now online. Ever wondered how you stack up against the great Carl Blaurock? Now you can. The comprehensive list of people who have completed the 14ers is now online.

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The Summer Trail and Timberline Issue 1003 now avaiable Online

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16 From the Field
A long-distance trekker tests La Sportiva's entry
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If you live in Colorado, you need to know about lightning.
22 Pathfinder
Need to cool off? Flow like water on these beautiful riverside hikes.
40 From the Archives
We've heard about the 1963 American Everest Expedition, but the triumph of American
mountaineering may have come in 1958. By Gary Landeck
42 CMC Adventure Travel
Want to get away? Join classic CMC trips to Nepal, Vietnam, the Grand Canyon, and more

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Partners Announce Opening of Lincoln-Democrat "14er" Trail Access

FAIRPLAY, Colo., May 29, 2009 – After four years of cooperative efforts, the Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative (MRHI), Colorado Mountain Club, Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, private land owners, Town of Alma and the U.S. Forest Service-South Park District announce a conditional June 1 opening of the “14er” trail from Kite Lake to Mounts Lincoln and Democrat. Based on trail work completed to-date, private land owners have agreed to a conditional summer 2009 access to Mounts Lincoln and Democrat. Only the approved access route from the Kite Lake trailhead is open. The agreement includes continued efforts to educate hikers about potential mountain dangers and the need to respect private property. Read more

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