Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Case You Haven't Heard....

... you did it. The CMC summit-ed every publicly-owned 14er in the state last weekend, getting about 400 climbers up and down safely, some of them over some of the gnarliest pitches in the world, some of them climbing their first-ever 14er.

It took some last-minute scrambling and some heroic efforts on the part of bold climbers, but you did it, and as a result you helped us celebrate our 100th birthday with a maraschino cherry on top of a whip-cream covered banana split the size of Mt. Elbert.

The climb headquarters was rocking all day Saturday as we received reports of your summit-ting by SPOT, photos, video and audio. We celebrated in style on Sunday. And come December 8, the CMC auditorium will be rocking as we remember it all with a documentary produced by CU-Denver film students. And then we'll spread the Colorado Fourteener Challenge story around the world by showing the documentary to audiences near and far, and years from now they'll be asking themselves, "What was that group that climbed all those peaks in one day?" It was the Colorado Mountain Club.

Special thanks to Sherry Richardson, 14er Challenge Climb Coordinator, and Beth Dwyer for coordinating all the Centennial Peaks throughout our birthday year. Also, thank you to all leaders (mentioned below) who helped this day, allowing us to make history.

Pretty sweet, people. Pretty ... damn ... sweet. Walk tall.

Ryan Ross
Chair, ad hoc committee on the centennial celebration series 

For more pictures from our Centennial events, check out the CMC Flickr account. Also, check us out in the Denver Post!

Bill Houghton
Bobby Overman
Clare Reda
Eolus, Sunlight, Windom

Joe Leahy
Charles Thabault
Steve Bonowski
Kit Carson

Lorna Donovan

Crestone Needle
Cindy Bero

David Hoot Gibson
Crestone Peak

Craig Patterson and Sherri Durman
Sherri Durman
Steve Sprowles
N. Maroon

Debbie Markham

Donna Brockman
Dianne Stiller
Nicholas Browne
Mark Wolf
Dave Covill
Beckie Covill
Dave Miller
Emily Anderson
Karen Hurley
Janet Farrar Need Bio
 Jim Cunningham
Lee Moosberger
John Stidman
Rich McAdams
El Diente & Mt. Wilson

Wayne Johnson
El Diente

Ed White
Lon Carpenter

Dan Kunz
Mt. Evans

Kevin Schaal

Susan Baker and Clint Banker


Dave Kraemer
Donna Gail Schneider
Angie Parris-Raney

Jan Schmidt
Dave Smith

Bud O’Hara
San Luis
Beth Hungerford

Ed Biery
Marilyn Choske
La Plata
Bill Blazek
Longs-Cable Rte
Mark Miller
Longs-Keyhole Rte
Mike Zyzda
Wilson Peak
Kurt Wibbenmeyer
Snowmass Mt.
Roger Leikas
Mt. Massive

Jim and Beth Davis
Cheryl Ames
Steve Soich

Ginger Ellis

Tom Creighton

Uwe Sartori

Linda Lawson

Paul Raab
Mt. Evans

Dave Wasson

Tom Hankiewicz
Castle Peak

Carol Adler

Vern Bass
Holy Cross

Carol Schmitz
La Plata

Doug Hatfield
Mt. Lindsey

Mark Thompson
Little Bear

Vilas Tulachan

Matt Biscan
Torreys-Kelso Ridge

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mr President: Protect our Outdoors and Recreation Economy

On September 13, President Barack Obama visited Golden to talk to voters in this swing state about jobs and energy.  The CMC joined with our friends at the American Alpine Club to welcome the president to our hometown and to highlight the need to protect our public lands and grow the outdoor recreation economy that these lands support.  We recruited a contingent of enthusiastic young climbers to hold a banner in front of the American Mountaineering Center and talk to people on their way to the President's speech at Lion's Park.  

A recent study by the Outdoor Industry Association found that the US outdoor recreation economy creates over 6.1 million direct American jobs and generates a staggering $646 billion in direct consumer spending each year.  This is an economic sector that is nearly twice as large as the pharmaceuticals industry ($331 billion).  About 15% of this spending is on gear, vehicles and accessories, the rest is spent on the trips and travel - which supports jobs that can't be exported.

This outdoor economy translates to jobs in Colorado.  Underlying this steadily growing sector is our public lands where most of the recreation occurs.  To nurture and protect these lands is to, by extension, to ensure the health of our economy.  That's why we took to the street to remind President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that they have the power to grow our economy in Colorado by protecting more public land.  They have the authority to designate national monuments at places like Browns Canyon and Chimney Rock, champion the full funding of important programs like the Land & Water Conservation Fund, and provide leadership on other important land management decisions in Colorado that directly impact our landscape.

We are hoping to amplify the message that in Colorado, protecting our public lands equates to more jobs and growth of our outdoor recreation economy.  Coloradans believe this - a Colorado College State of the Rockies study recently found that 78% say we can protect land and water and have a strong economy at the same time.  So when Mr. Obama comes to Colorado looking to sway voters, he would do well to remember to promote our outdoor recreation economy and the public lands that support them!

Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 High Altitude Mountaineering School (HAMS) Seminars

High Altitude Mountaineering Section of the CMC (HAMS) is hosting a series of seminars this Fall and Winter. World class climbers and other experts in their fields will present lectures on such topics as organizing expeditions, equipment, fitness, nutrition, group dynamics and high altitude medicine.

2012 HAMS Seminars

Ever wonder what it takes to climb high glaciated peaks? What would be a good peak to start with? Where do you begin in planning expeditions? For the answers to these questions, and more, come to the HAMS Seminars this fall.

This exciting program is designed for individuals who would like to do some armchair exploration of climbing big peaks, to the mountaineer who would like to increase their knowledge to challenge themselves on peaks 15,000 ft or higher.

You can attend one lecture or the entire series.  All of our lectures are presented by experienced mountaineers. There are no per-requisites and all are welcome.

As a reminder, attendance at the entire series is a prerequisite for the HAMS School.

Cost is $30 for the series or $7 for individual sessions at the door.


($7/individual class)

All sessions are from 6:30pm-9:00pm.  Below are the dates and topics that to be covered:

OCTOBER 1ST (Conference Rooms A & B)
-Introduction to the HAMS program.
-Packing for Mt. Rainier.
-Slide show.

OCTOBER 8TH (Conference Rooms A & B)
-Full evening focusing on health concerns at altitude (altitude sickness, hypothermia, frostbite).  Presented by Dr. Skee Glatterer.

OCTOBER 15TH (Conference Rooms A & B)
-Climbing Performance:  training, nutrition and recovery.  Presented by Iñigo San Millán, PhD, the Excercise Physiology Lab Director at CU.

OCTOBER 22ND (Conference Rooms A & B)
-Planning an expedition.
-Guided vs. self-supported expeditions.
-Denali slide show.

OCTOBER 29TH (Conference Rooms A & B)
-Expert panel discussion on team dynamics.
-Slide show on 8,000 meter peaks.

NOVEMBER 6TH (Conference Rooms A & B)
-What to expect from and preparation for the HAMS School.
-Introduction to Peaks slide show.