Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Blog Post #1: Dr. Sean Haney Introduction

Kaiser Permanente is the title sponsor of the 2012 Centennial Celebration Event Series and Kaiser Permanente physician Dr. Sean Haney will be sharing his thoughts as an official CMC guest blogger this year about the outdoors, medicine, wellness, and whatever else inspires him.

Wow, my first Blog. Thanks to Colorado Mountain Club, I now have an audience, or…? Just cause an organization gives some fool a forum to blog is not enough to keep folks reading. Given that our attention spans have shortened with the coming of the internet, a writer has to quickly establish a connection with his or her audience. A writer or blogger has to inform, educate, and even entertain to keep his or her audience.  I’m not sure about entertaining, but I’m pretty certain I can inform and educate.  If any entertainment occurs along the way, I’ll consider it a lucky coincidence.   However, before I go into “blogging”, you might want to know who I am.

My name is Sean Haney and I am an outdoor and exercise addict.  Perhaps, enthusiast is a better way of phrasing it.  I’ve kicked my other addictions though my wife might say that I’m still a workaholic.  I am a primary care sports medicine physician working for Kaiser Permanente.   I am 47 years old and seven years into my mid life review (no crisis here, just ongoing review).  I’m blessed with  a wonderful wife and three strong-willed kids that never cease to be a challenge.

Over the last few years, a number of people who have been important in my life have died (this is not the entertaining part of the blog).  The shortness of our journeys really hit home to me with the passing of these individuals.  In addition, working in health care one is also constantly reminded of what can and does happen to people.   So, what do you do about it? Well, while you can take advantage of your health and opportunities to enjoy this wonderful world.  For me, this has been a return to a passion of an earlier life, and that is the outdoors.

Beauty in nature is everywhere.  If you are lucky enough to live in Colorado, it is really close.  It might be easier to say that we have everything but an ocean in Colorado than listing all the natural wonders of this great state.  So why not get out and enjoy the natural beauty of this place?  This is certainly preaching to the choir for CMC members.

My rediscovery of my passion for the outdoors was not just from the realization of my own mortality. There are two other important reasons for me to dive back into the outdoors and to blog about it.   As a father, I want to introduce my kids our wonderful natural environments and as a conservationist, I want folks to enjoy wilderness and the outdoors so we can raise awareness about environmental issues, promote sustainability and preserve nature for future generations’ pleasure.

That is a little about me.  What about what I’ll cover through this blog?.   The topics I’ll cover will be related to:  1) Childhood obesity.  2) The importance of stewardship. 3)  Preparing to climb. 4) Nutrition.  5) Whatever else that may be appealing and relevant as the due date for this blog approaches.

Until next time, remember; exercise, eat right and climb a mountain.   Back in 2 months.