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From the Trailhead: Product Spotlight

Products: Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Hammock Double & Hammock Tree Sling Hanging Kit
Price: Starting at $55
Rating: 4.5/5

As an avid hiker, camper, and general adorer of the outdoors, I’ve always had an inclination towards
Grand Trunk Hammock
Grand Trunk's Parachute Hammock can find a home just about
anywhere in the outdoors.
sleeping under the stars.  I’ve jerry-rigged more loungers, hammocks, and sleep systems than I can count trying to optimize comfort while still enjoying the outdoors.

Grand Trunk’s Parachute Nylon Hammock offered me the opportunity to do both, quickly, easily, and most importantly, comfortably. 

The nylon parachute hammock by Grand Truck is a great solution for anyone that enjoys the great outdoors but is looking for something a little more comfortable than sleeping on the hard ground.  From rigging it up in the backyard for an afternoon spent reading, to summer camping under the stars, Grand Trunk’s Parachute Nylon Hammock offers a range of functionality that made it not only simple to set up, but even easier to maintain.

Not only does the hammock come with a stuff bag attached to the hammock itself (think: no need to keep track of the ever illusive stuff sack), it has nautical grade carabineers attached to the hammock, making anchoring to the hanging kit as simple as click n’ go – with absolutely no knot tying required. 

The parachute fabric not only allows for a light breathable, wickable fabric, it is quick drying and mildew resistant.  And this sucker is strong.  The double hammock can hold up to 400lbs, and after a quick snuggle with the honey, I can attest to strength and comfort of close to 300lbs.    

full sleep system hammock camping
Rain or shine, a hammock sleep
system is an affordable and simple
As for its size, it weighs 20oz and packs down approximately the size of a football.  While it may be heavier than ideal for most ultralight backpackers, if it was used as an entire sleep system replacing your tent and sleeping pad, coupled with a bivvy sack in the warm summer months, it would be nothing short of perfection.   I’ve even seen this set up in the winter months with the bivvy sack upgraded to a down sleeping bag.

The hanging kit is designed to not only protect trees from the abrasion of typical load bearing rope (great for the Leave No Trace practitioner in us all), it also makes set up a breeze.  The design allows for single person to synch down the ropes and the attached tree protectors to the hammock through its 10’ pre-knotted rope.  Again, no knot tying or tag teaming set up required.  Synch, click, and go.  It took less than 2 minutes total before I settled in with a good book. 

After recently hiking and traveling through remote parts of Costa Rica, I could also see the Grand Trunk Parachute Hammock being a great go-to traveling asset. 

With single hammocks starting at $55 and double hammocks starting at $65 – is affordable to even the most frugal of outdoor adventurers. 

You can find out more about Grand Trunk and its products here:

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