Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knot Tying School Graduates 38 Students

In third annual session, Knot Tying School graduated 38 students after completion of two consecutive instructional days. Not only did students learn to tie knots, they received a take-home book with different types of rope and webbing, one-on-one instructor time, an arduous knot tying scenario session to apply the knots they learned, and the satisfaction that they can safely tie over 20 knots...or some of them can. 

The third edition of the CMC Knot Tying School was a resounding success.  Nearly 40 students demonstrated a mastery of 6 basic knots, and then anywhere from 2 to 15 advanced knots of their choosing.  They also demonstrated a thorough knowledge of “what knot to tie when?” in grueling one on one discussion sessions known as “Knot Scenarios”. Renowned alpinist Gerry Roach lent his own particular flavor with an opening discussion on the importance of being able to tie a wide variety of knots.

Figure 8  

This years graduates are Jeffrey Albers, John Aldag, Michelle Altieri, Erika Andersen, Marland Billings, Marc Borai, Fred Caloggero, David Cassin, Karen Dean, Allen Folson, James Graham, Scott Hammond, Marc Hasfjord, Walt Hastings, Jay Hendrickson, Sylwia Hendrickson, Jason Kolaczkowski, Kim LaLiberte, Melanie Layton, Warren May, Ryan Mays, Lucas McCain, Bruce Metcalf, Richard Ostrosky, Paul Perea, Roger Pomainville, Maddalena Ragusin, Bruce Randall, Zach Randall, Nathan Reich, Marco Satarsiere, Rachel Scott, Kristina Short, Randal Stinson, Charles Thabault, Nick Theiler, Adam Yaws, Linda Ziccardi.   All students received completion certificates.

Clove Hitch

Double Fisherman
We would like to thank the following instructors who gave generously of their time; Dave Pellegrini, Bob Dawson, Jerry Allen, Greg German, John Mitchler, Nickie Kelly, Tom Creighton, Alan Chudnow, Deb Kirk, Greg Olson, Wayne Johnson, Debbie Malone, Brian LeBlanc, Casey Lems, Chuck Barnes, Ed White, Eileen O’Leary, Brian Jones, Vern Bass and Gerry Roach. The Instructors represent many backgrounds within CMC, and are all Instructors in WTS, WCS, BMS, HAMS, or Tech Section Rock & Ice Climbing Schools. Students were encouraged to get to know as many instructors as possible, especially if they plan to go on to a school an instructor is involved with.

Kudos to Lisa, Kristin, Chun, Shelby and Rachel for setting it all up for us.

Next year we plan to offer this school in early November again, after climbing season, but before holiday season.

Dave Covill, KTS Director
Dave Pellegrini, KTS Lead Instructor
John Mitchler, KTS Scenarios Coordinator
Gerry Roach, KTS Knots Guru

Can anyone name this knot?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stewardship Forum – Resounding Success!

Over 150 participants, representing land management agency staff, non-profit professionals and stewardship volunteers gathered at the American Mountaineering Center to brainstorm the launch of a coordinated stewardship movement in Colorado. Representatives from national foundations and federal agencies affirmed that this type of forum was the first of its kind in the country.  A remarkable slate of panelists discussed potential goals for a new coalition, drawing on both conservation trends and successes from their own experiences. Breakout sessions gave all participants a chance to weigh in on the challenges and opportunities within the arenas of collaboration, capacity building, funding, public policy, and citizen engagement. The Colorado Mountain Club and steering committee partners were honored to host Senator Mark Udall, who weighed in on taking the stewardship movement in our state to the next level. Many thanks to all who organized, volunteered, and participated. Stay tuned for the follow-up report and our next meeting on January 19, 2011.

Director of Conservation, Bryan Martin

One of several panel discussions

Many ways to get involved

Wynne Whyman, CMC Board President

Senator Mark Udall rounding out the forum