Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Access Update: Wilson Peak

Here's the latest news from the Norwood Ranger District for hikers that want to hike Wilson Peak this summer:

As this is written on April 13, 2010, access to the peak via the traditional standard route from the north through Silver Pick Basin remains closed. The access road along the Wilson Mesa Trail has been partially graded and work is to be finalized by the end of September. Trail signage is being done and most of the new Rock of Ages Trail has already been constructed in upper Silver Pick by the Forest Service, CMC, and the Telluride Mountain Club.

Access to the standard southwest ridge route on Wilson Peak remains open via other routes. These include Navajo Basin from the west; and Bilk Basin from the east. Access to Bilk Basin can be gained from either Lizard Head Pass or from Sunshine Mesa.

For more up-to-date access information from the CMC, visit: http://www.cmc.org/recreation/recreation_access.aspx. The CMC website will be updated as soon as the USFS advises work is done on the Wilson Mesa Trail road.

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