Monday, January 10, 2011

Pikes Peak, Boulder and Denver Winter Schools-OH MY!

It is time for our winter classes with the Denver, Boulder and Pikes Peak groups!  For more information or to sign up go to 

Upcoming Boulder Classes:
01/06 Ice Climbing School
01/11 Advanced Mountaineering School
01/12 Winter Camping
01/19 Tele/AT Backcountry Ski School

Upcoming Denver Classes:
01/04 Telemark Ski School
01/11 Avalanche Awareness School
01/15 Navigation School
01/18 Trip Leader School
01/19 High Altitude Mountaineering School
01/25 Winter Camping School
02/22 Avalanche Awareness School
03/08 Ski Mountaineering School
03/08 Group Trip Leader School
03/14 Basic Mountaineering School

Upcoming Pikes Peak Classes:
01/11 Basic Mountaineering School - Colorado Ice Climbing
02/03 Telemark Ski Class
02/17 Introduction to Avalanche
03/10 Basic Mountaineering School 

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