Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Incentive to Reward Your Generosity

What do you love best about the CMC? Is it the outdoor trips, adult skills clinics, our world-class Mountaineering Museum, or guidebooks published by the CMC Press? Is it that the CMC is educating the next generation of young people through the Youth Education Program, or that conservation staff are hard at work to preserve access to the places you love to play? Whatever it is that you love most about the CMC, it takes a steady stream of donations from members like you to keep the work flowing.

If you've been thinking about signing up to make monthly recurring donations, we have a new incentive to reward you for your generosity. Every new donor to sign up for monthly recurring donations by June 1st will receive a complimentary 11" x 14" signed, loose print from Glenn Randall Photography (a $79 value!) To be eligible, you must sign up for monthly donations of $10 per month and remain enrolled for one year. Already a monthly donor? You'll receive a print if you increase your donations by $10 per month! Learn more at http://glennrandall.com/cmc.

Uncompahgre Peak Panorama

Protecting Colorado's wild places, connecting young people to the outdoors, and preserving access to your favorite mountains takes a steady stream of donations.

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