Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for the Uncle Bud Hut Trip Service Project

If you don't need 10 reasons, then sign up HERE. But if you need some convincing, here's the top reasons from our Conservation Department as to why you should join the CMC on the Uncle Bud Hut Trip Service Project from June 27th-29th.

1.      You can abscond to the peaks above Leadville for an active few days in the high country.

2.      Your newly acquired wood chopping abilities will impress friends, family, and those who are generally impressed by wood chopping.

3.      You will continue a legacy of service and upkeep for the 10th Mountain Division Huts, a stalwart of Colorado’s history and its outdoors experience.

4.      You want to be hardcore, and you want to be hardcore while painting a 10th Mountain Division Hut.

5.      You will get a chance to imagine the life of a 10th Mountain Division soldier by dreaming of climbing peaks with rifles, leather ski boots, shoddy bindings, and monster wooden skis.

6.      You will have amazingly satisfying back pains from the hefty trail work.

7.      You can take in the quiet evenings of the high country, stargaze, and discuss how we can protect our wonderful wilderness areas with members of the Colorado Mountain Club.

8.      Because you appreciate and would like to maintain the wonderful recreational activities this awesome state has to offer.

9.      You want to escape the seemingly endless media obsession of Anthony Weiner’s texting follies.

10.   You are an awesome, outdoorsy enthusiast who would like to ensure that these wonderful huts will be around for generations to come!

Now that you got through all 10 reasons, sign up today! Space is limited.

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