Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Volunteer for YEP and save a puppy

Ok, I guess the puppy thing was a little overboard but did you know that we serve over 5,000 kids each year?  Not possible without your help.  Thank you.

Here is your weekly call for help.  Let me know if any of these dates work for you and I will get you on the calendar. I have highlighted the programs coming up very soon that we still need help with.

Friday November 11th2 more Volunteers at the climbing wall from 8:45 – 1:15

Monday, November 14th – 2 programs
  •   1 volunteer needed for 5th graders climbing at the REI Pinnacle wall in Denver.  10:15 – 2:30
  •    2 volunteers at the wall from 3:30-5 
Tuesday November 15th – 4 volunteers needed from 3:45-5:15

Wednesday November 16th - 5 Volunteers needed from 3:45-5:15

Friday November 18th – 4 Volunteers needed 3:15-5:45

Tuesday, November 22nd – 5 wall volunteers needed from 9:45-1:15

Monday November 28th – 2 sessions
  •     5 volunteers at the wall from 8:45-1:15
  •     2 wall volunteers needed from 3:45-5:45
Wednesday, November 30th - 5 Volunteers needed from 3:45-5:15

Let me know what works for you. Shoot me an email or give me a call at 303-303-996-2762.

Ryan Johns
Youth Education Program Manager

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