Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Colorado Roadless Rule Published

Today the USDA published the Colorado Roadless Rule in the Federal Register, meaning it is now in effect for Colorado's National Forests. 

CMC has released a statement, which reads, in part: “The Colorado Roadless Rule has some strong conservation components we like a lot, and a few exceptions for industry we are not thrilled about,” said Scott Braden, Conservation Director.  “But on balance, this rule protects millions of acres for wildlife habitat, sustains our large recreation economy and our Colorado quality of life.”

 Quick facts:
  • Colorado Roadless Rule (CRR) manages 4.2 million acres of national forest land in CO
  • The CRR manages 1.2 million acres in an "upper tier" with higher protections
  • The CRR includes some exceptions to the rule to allow for certain state-specific concerns: managing for the bark beetle epidemic, ski area expansion, access to water infrastructure and coal mine expansion in the North Fork Valley

USFS CO Roadless Rule page (with maps and supporting documents)

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